Learn How to play Blackjack as a beginner

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This game is played around a table followed by seven players in it. Blackjack tables are generally arc-shaped. A written board is placed at one end of the chart to show the maximum and minimum bet amount. For example, on the board that reads “US$ 20 – US$ 1,000”, that means that the minimum bet is US$ 20 and the maximum bet is US$ 1,000. If the dealer says the value pair can be divided according to the rules described, the player can double the chance to achieve winning. Learn How to play Blackjack as a beginner to know some strategies to win the game itself.

Learn How to play Blackjack as a beginner

Most tables use more than a single deck and like to use a set of 2, 4, 6, or 8 layers. They will be shuffled and stored by the dealer in a particular place called “shoe” where the agent usually pulls the card.

The game starts when you place a chip in a gambling house and place a bet. You are not permitted to touch the card. When they play with dealers in a single or multiple deck game, they will see one of the dealer cards and the second card face down.

Now the show starts, and the dealer plays according to a set of rules. He will try to take “17”. The dealer always takes a card with a total of 16 or less and will “STAND” if he reaches 17 or more of that.

Understand Terms Before Playing Blackjack

1. Hit

It means you will withdraw the card in the hope of getting 21, and if it exceeds that number, then you will lose and be declared “BUSTED.” When you select “HIT” you can do this by pointing to the card or by shaking the card.

If one of the cards is facedown, the player can scratch the card on the table. You cannot do “HIT” verbally due to security issues. It would help if you remembered that casino CCTV would record all moves and certainly you don’t want to make any problems.

2. Split

You can divide two of your first cards if they are the same. By doing this, you can make the same bet between the two with the first betting principle. Let’s take an example. You get the first two cards numbered “7” when you distribute the card. The dealer will divide the first two cards, “7s” and will place two cards in the first seven. Then you can play from the gift and choose “STAND” or “BUST,” and the dealer will handle to solve one of the two “7”.

3. Double Down

You can multiply the main bets you place by getting only one card regardless of that. Each casino has different rules. Some of them will let you do “Double Down” if you have a total of “10 or 11” on your first two cards, the rest of them will allow you to do anything on both cards.

4. Insurance

You can secure “Insurance” if the dealer has a US card. It is because the dealer has a value of 10 and competes to get Blackjack. If “Insurance” is taken, then it also applies in half of the original bet amount. It is an advantage for the player if you have lost your hand and come out a winner in the “Insurance” bet, the score will be 0, but in this case, you have high chance to end in a draw or not win.


I hope this article can give you more in-depth knowledge about the game Blackjack. There is no need to be a “card counter” to win Blackjack; you only need a few guidelines to defeat the system. Learn How to play Blackjack as a beginner and enjoy the game.

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